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Travel Mug - Eco Friendly Reusable Coffee Cup Made Of Rice Husk With Handmade Cozy Knitting Heart - Brown & Grey 450ml

Eco friendly reusable coffee cup made of Rice Husk with Handmade Cozy Knitting Heart - Brown & Grey 450ml

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NATURAL MATERIAL WITH NO ADDED CHEMICALS: Rice Husks are an Organic waste from the process of harvesting the rice. They are grinded and combined with a natural resin to make it compact, hard and very resistant. The result is a mug that is 100% Organic, BPA Free, Innocuous to our health and the environment. It lasts for years when used correctly but in conditions of full exposure to Nature is totally bio-degradable.

KEEPS THE TASTE: Your Tea or Coffee WONT taste of plastic, metal or cardboard like with other travel mugs. It's MICROWAVE SAFE if you remove the silicone parts and EASY TO CLEAN without any need of detergent. It also fits most CAR CUP HOLDERS.

KEEPS THE TEMPERATURE: This Natural Insulating Material will keep the temperature of your hot or cold drink better than a glass, plastic, metal or ceramic mug so you can enjoy your drink nice and slowly in style. However please note that it is NOT A FLASK. If you want to keep your drink hot for a long time before start drinking it we recommend the use of a flask before you pour it into your The Rice Way Travel Mug.

LEAK PROOF SILICONE SIP LID: Easy to place and remove with one hand but it still seals completely. This Silicone is also approved for contact with food and is totally harmless to our health. It also includes a handmade knitting handgrip for extra temperature isolation when holding this mug with your hand.

It fits most CAR CUP HOLDERS.